Y is for Yoga – The Alphabet Imaginarium

Y is for Yoga - The Alphabet Imaginarium

Photo by Anna Morago and mind-numbing posture by Sandra Arnaiz

Y is for Yoga, such a necessary practise in our busy lives. A time and space to disconnect from the noise. A quiet calm to search inside. A stretching of the body and mind. A fluid circle of breathing and consciousness.

How else to deal with all the stress and noise? To block out the distractions and reconnect with yourself? How to stop the anxiety and pressure? With life moving faster and faster, the constant distractions clamouring for your attention, no wonder we get a little crazy. If you don’t already practise yoga, then this might be the answer.

I know that yoga, together with acupuncture, practically saved my life a few years ago when I was suffering from huge bouts of panic and anxiety due to all the pressure I tend to put on myself professionally. To be able to allow time for myself several times a week, to turn off the thoughts in my head, to focus on breathing in and out, to come back to the basics, this is still part of what keeps me sane.

Yoga is also very physical, it is a challenge to keep up the pace and see how your body responds. To stretch and to pull, to understand how one movement affects another. How breathing and moving creates actions and reactions.

With Y is for Yoga, we want you to take a break and breathe. To hit pause and connect with yourself. To let go of the pressure and anxiety. You are allowed to make time for yourself. We also want to thank Sandra for her time and her impressive skill in posing for our photo. Without forgetting to mention that Sandra is my yoga teacher and is incredible sensitive, kind, warm, and firm.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ll be posting each letter here on my blog, two per week. And if you’re just on-board, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. If you just want to see the images each week, you can follow The Alphabet Imaginarium directly! Hope you’re enjoying the journey so far.

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