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Notice how the days are starting to slowly stretch? The light stays around longer. Everywhere you look, green things are pushing through, spring is most definitely on the way. We can’t complain though, this winter has been easy. So if you’re itching to get outside but can’t, take a moment to lose yourself in the weird wonderful magical world of things online. Let’s start with a video!

The weird wonderful magical world of books:

A library that has books inside and, more importantly, outside.

Pure book imagination to feed the hungry reading monster inside.


The weird wonderful magical world of design / art:

Eerie California at midnight by photographer Tom Blachford. You will not believe these photos!

The brands you know but with a Soviet-era spin.

Red lights shining in the dark. Very Twin Peaks.

Less sugar, more dark, a new vision of Disney.

PartySpaceDesign is the best, pushing the limits to create magical spaces.

Bits of plastic, a pair of tights, toilet rolls, anything is possible.


The weird wonderful magical world of plants:

Ever seen Katie Scott’s illustrations of nature? So intricate, so detailed.

What could be better than a cross-stitched wooden bag? Want, want, want, so much wanting.


The weird wonderful magical world of food:

Barcelona Food Experience has compiled a longish list of new places to try in the city. No excuse for staying in.

You know when someone is so talented it blows your mind into smithereens? Check out Sarah Hardy, food artist that creates magic with chocolate.

When dessert looks like architecture.


The weird wonderful magical world of those things that refuse to be categorized:

How to stay relevant, and cute to boot, as you get older. Bonpon511 are the winners!

Deconstructed tattoos with thick lines and Crayola colours.

Delicate, perfect, simple and beautiful, Florigami is another huge want, want, want.

Collages to evoke memories, recollections, emotions. Absolutely haunting.


I’m absolutely fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes. I love seeing the parts that aren’t open to the public. So this collection of photos of a museums’ archive is too perfect for words.

Hope you enjoyed the stroll. To finish off, what could be better than Patrick Stewart reading 1-star reviews of famous monuments? Warning: you will laugh out loud.

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