V is for Vermut – The Alphabet Imaginarium

V is for Vermut - The Alphabet Imaginarium

Photo by Anna Morago

V is for Vermut, so very delicious and refreshing. So intrinsically linked to lazy Sundays and gorgeous summer days. The perfect amount of ice, the sweet taste offset by bitter orange and luscious olive. The intense flavour and sensations.

Vermouth is an institution in Spain, or at least in Barcelona. Until recently, considered passé and only fit for grandparents, this mellow tipple has become the star of hipster gatherings. It might take some time getting used to but once you are hooked, there is no going back. I think this popularity is also largely due to the fact that you can drink several and not end up horribly drunk = horrific hangover the next day for anyone over 30.

Sharing a vermouth is a social act, a moment to share with friends. This is a drink that demands entire afternoons or evenings, with the curious ability to make time pause for a few hours. A drink that creates memories, slightly nostalgic. The adult version of you, the person with responsibilities and pressing issues. The slightly more wrinkly version of you, with more knowledge and experience. This is the drink that you savour and enjoy.

With V is for Vermut, we wait in anticipation for those summer days to arrive. To savour each moment and create lasting memories. To suck the last drop from that oh-so-important olive and to instinctively know there is still time for another round.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ll be posting each letter here on my blog, two per week. And if you’re just on-board, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. If you just want to see the images each week, you can follow The Alphabet Imaginarium directly! Hope you’re enjoying the journey so far.

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