Cause and effect. Action and reaction. A relationship between things, results falling into place due to a chain of organized actions. Sounds a bit sciency, right? It’s been a long time since any of us were sitting in a classroom but take a moment to search through your memories. Do you remember the Rube Goldberg machines? Each part of these handcrafted contraptions causes the next part to swing into action, each action directly affecting the next. A fluid process that creates a desired end result. An event is similar to a Rube Goldberg machine, with so many different pieces that need to interact. Organizing an event can feel overwhelming. But guess what? We just happen to be experts in this area and are freakishly passionate about creatively fitting all the pieces together.

With more than 10 years’ experience in events in Spain and Europe, we have worked through many levels, starting as runners and stage hands, becoming production assistants in different areas to eventually arrive at leadership roles, thanks to our diligence, responsible work ethic, tireless energy, and integrity. We now organise and manage corporate and creative events with hundreds of attendees and collaborate with music festivals that receive +100K visitors. We love event management and we’re extremely organised, without forgetting to give free rein to creativity and honing in on details like hawks.

Why us and not a large agency? We oversee all areas of event planning and creative production, which ensures that fewer mistakes are made and every decision carried out compiles with a comprehensive overview. If you go to a fast-food chain, you know you’re going to get industrialized meals with little substance. Instead you dine at the restaurant that sources local ingredients, makes their own cheese at midnight on leap year Februaries, and painstakingly crafts each dish by hand.

We choose the best in each field, suppliers and contractors that appreciate our honesty and pro-active approach. And we appreciate them and their skills, being available without getting in the way of their work. Because this is another key issue for us: the human factor, valuing the people that work with us, ensuring that everyone has what they need to get things done on time. We enjoy the work we do and it’s important to us that everyone involved feels the same.

So what does “A tu Vera” mean? This popular phrase in Spanish means “By Your Side”. This is how we roll. We’re by your side throughout the entire process. We leave no stone unturned and go extra miles to accommodate ideas and concepts. We guide and lead your company, searching for outstanding solutions, crafting creative events to suit your needs. We really listen to you and keep your company’s best interests uppermost in our minds.

This is a more personalized way to create inspiring experiences.

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