T is for Travel – The Alphabet Imaginarium

T is for Travel - The Alphabet Imaginarium

Photo by Anna Morago

T is for Travel, so transformative, inspiring and exciting. Leaving your cares behind, taking a break from work, discovering new things around every corner. Each journey unfolds, carrying you along, making you grow and learn.

Travelling is not only the moment that you are away from home. The journey starts long before. First there is the daydreaming, the need and curiosity to visit a certain place. The excitement of buying tickets and organising accommodation, months before. You almost forget about the trip as you go about your daily life. But there are more pockets of excitement as the day draws near, lots of planning and investigating.

Finally, hardly without realising, the day is very near. Final arrangements and packing your bag. Deciding what to take along. A touch of anxiety, will the weather be good? Will my suitcase arrive in one piece? Will the place live up to expectations or be even better?

The moment has arrived: the airplane, train, boat, car… The stop-gap time in limbo before arriving at your destination. The sights, the sounds, the odours and flavours. The colours and textures. The people. Everything is new, everything is refreshing. Each corner holds the promise of a new adventure.

Some of the best and worst experiences can occur while travelling. It brings out the best in some and the worst in others. Some only see the positive, others are aware of the negative. In any case, travel transforms you. You learn and grow, adding new bits and pieces to who you are. Dealing with different situations, novel customs, trying to avoid seeming too hapless.

And then all of a sudden, it’s time to come home. If you’ve paid attention to your life, building and moulding this thing of beauty to create something you love, then returning home is bliss. No matter how good a holiday has been, if you have a life you love, the return is something that you welcome.

With T is for Travel, we want you to think about your life and your trips. Why do you travel? What do you learn? How do you grow? Do you like coming home? Just remember, adventure is always around the next corner.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ll be posting each letter here on my blog, two per week. And if you’re just on-board, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. If you just want to see the images each week, you can follow The Alphabet Imaginarium directly! Hope you’re enjoying the journey so far.

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