Literally Turning Over a New Leaf

studying floristry online

After years of constant computer companionship, endless hours of freelance work, loads of projects, companies and clients, a stream of endless demands, I was starting to feel burnt-out and empty. A constant void that filled me with dread, things were not good.

It took me a while to sort things out but I managed in the end. I felt lost, with no purpose in sight. Yet the key was already there, present in my personal and professional life. I was most happy when running in Montjuic, surrounded by nature. Excited while travelling and visiting gardens and forests. When I was working on photo shoots and could incorporate plants and flowers. The answers we need are almost always right in front of us or already inside us. No matter how many times I realize this, it always amazes me.

studying floristry online

Nature has always been such a huge factor in my life. Growing up in Canada, you are surrounded by forests, gardens, and wildlife on a daily basis. I search for the forests and gardens wherever I go in the world. In recent years, nature had become a constant source of escape and solace. My home is filled with plants and I often had fresh flowers. Could I change my life in order to achieve a professional balance that involved working with my beloved plants and flowers?

studying floristry online

So after researching floristry schools and courses for about three months, I decided to take the plunge. I would have loved to study full-time, dedicate two years to this new path that had emerged. But I still had to work. There was also the expense and the course work itself. Did I really want to spend blocks of time studying history or marketing once again? Not really.

I’m not entirely convinced it was the best option but I decided on studying floristry online. That way I could continue working and study on my own time. As I am nearing the end, I have my doubts. I’ve always managed to learn along the way, through courses and books, on my own, but floristry involves so much practical work. Will internships be enough? I practice with fresh flowers as much as possible and have searched for external resources to add to the course itself, from books to video tutorials, even working at a flower shop during special occasions such as Sant Jordi.

studying floristry online

I absolutely love everything I’m learning, I’m fascinated and I document everything I see. Working with flowers, learning and trying each technique, fills the void I had inside. The beauty leaves me absolutely breathless. The flowers and foliage demand utter concentration, a stillness, absolute. I am present when I am working with elements from nature. The house is filled with subtle scents and a riot of colour. Tending to the arrangements, learning how to make these elements from nature last as long as possible, watching the process of decay. It is mesmerizing.

studying floristry online

Yet there is the doubt. Studying floristry online, creating a new path, this is important, this is something for me at the moment. I know I can be too organized, not know how to let things go. The need to be in control to feel that everything will go well. I have barely any feedback regarding what I’m doing. No physical teacher to guide and correct. Am I learning enough? Or is this a creative path that lasts a lifetime? I’m more than aware that there is no right or wrong, I build my life. I think studying online is excellent for certain courses but difficult for more practical careers.

In the mean time, I’m going to finish my course and start some internships. And practise like crazy… I’m curious and excited to see where this will lead me. I love to have a studio workshop one day, concentrate on creative arrangements for events and photo shoots. But there are loads of steps to enjoy before then.

studying floristry online

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