The Aftermath – Dealing with Stress in Buenos Aires

Stress in Buenos Aires

Yes, this is Argentina, Mar del Plata to be exact. I’m still trying to recover from one of the worst trips I’ve experienced in my life. The stress in Buenos Aires is epic and very difficult to deal with. Thank goodness I’ve only had two bad vacations amongst all the lovely experiences. Between the craziest weather extremes, stress and noise, stroppy in-laws, too much food, a constant sense of lack of safety and losing my phone, among many other issues, this was not relaxing. I’ve been three times now and every time it just gets worse. But to those who have never been, Buenos Aires and Argentina in general, offers much to be appreciated and loved, without a doubt. The contrasts between ruin and beauty are amazing, to say the least. I don’t regret going, but I think I’ve had my fill.

This is the reason for the quiet around here during the past month. Between the trip and the aftermath, I decided to hunker down, take some time out and try to get my head in order. The latter will probably take a lifetime, and not just because of Argentina. I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and have been spending some time thinking about Sticky Fingers and what I would like for this space and for you.

There are more new categories and things are going to get a bit more personal. I want to share more about the books I read, the things that make my eyes light up, the magic behind experiences and emotions. I want to delve into the oddness of being a woman in her thirties, which never ceases to amaze me. So with this brief update, onwards we will continue, uncovering the details along the way.

Have you ever had a less than pleasant vacation? What was it like? How did you deal with it? During? After? Let me know!


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