Somos Ambas – Beautiful Handcrafted Shirts Made in Barcelona

somos ambas at El Festivalet

I walked away empty-handed from the past edition of El Festivalet. Which is practically a miracle. But I wasn’t overjoyed that my money was safely intact. No, there was a searing pain burning through my heart, gnawing at my brain.

I don’t often achieve a hyper-state of WANT, WANT, WANT. It just doesn’t happen. I can’t find much of anything that dazzles me enough to ferret it home. Too much consumerism involved. But once in a while, a lightening bolt of desire strikes. The problem starts when the price tag is beyond my means.

This is exactly what occurred during El Festivalet. My eyes caught the sight of the most gorgeous textile prints I have ever seen. I swivelled to the left, swooned, started calculating how many I could buy, and then started to hyperventilate when I saw the price.

somos ambas at El Festivalet

Somos Ambas is an initiative created by designer Noemi Ramos Orozco. Each shirt is handmade in Barcelona from 100% cotton. These are limited edition shirts; one to five are made depending on the amount of fabric they have specially acquired.

These are a thing of exquisite beauty, so much attention to detail, such perfect prints. And the 100 euro price tag that stopped me dead in my tracks.

somos ambas at El Festivalet

How could I only choose one? I would have liked at least three or four… How could I justify wearing an item that costs more than 100 euros? I do spend more money on a single item now than I have in the past, but it was just too much for me.

I left, empty-handed, with a searing pain in my heart. I can only cross my fingers that there will be some sort of post-Christmas miracle and Somos Ambas will have sales in the new year. Hope is the last thing you lose, right?

taller enero at El Festivalet
Somos Ambas at El Festivalet

This is not a promotional post. The first photo is courtesy of El Festivalet. The rest are Somos Ambas photos. 


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