Digital Future Society – Workshop Event


Digital Future Society seeks to build an inclusive, just, and sustainable future in the digital era. Supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain in collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

The DFS Think Tank explores the many opportunities and challenges arising from the design, use, and governance of digital technologies. Solutions and policy recommendations resulting from the Think Tank’s work are designed to empower policymakers to anticipate challenges and leverage opportunities of the digital age.

Role: Event organiser
Purpose: Unite employees and special guests, in person.
Goal: Better understanding of digital humanism
Style: Workshop event
Venue: Ca l’Alier
Attendees: 21 people

The pandemic offered a brief window of respite for live events. The perfect moment to bring together part of the Digital Future Society team, in-person, to learn more about Digital Humanism. Through inspiring information and an immersive workshop event, the participants received new insights to apply in the work they carry out on a daily basis. Special guests were also included, to offer different views on the subject.

This workshop event was so special on many different levels. Our first in-person event after one year and eight months! Another first was working on the content of the event, from start to finish. Going above and beyond production and logistics, to truly shape the impact and outcome of the event. It was also very special to once again work with a team of incredibly passionate professionals after such a long time, growing and learning together.

One of the first actions to start the event was to ask participants to leave their belongings, including their phones, in a special designated area. We wanted to shock people by “eliminating” their identity so they would start to reflect on the key components that make us human. We were convinced that this would be practically impossible. Our phones are almost surgically attached to us.

As people arrived and discovered what was required of them, one after another, they silenced their phones and willingly left their belongings. Some were serious, others were relieved to be “free” for a while. It was absolutely amazing and set the perfect tone for the rest of the morning.

All photos by superjeanmarc

Workshop Event

What we did:

  • Ideate the format and structure of the workshop
  • Select the perfect professional profiles to ensure maximum impact
  • Research Digital Humanism to fully grasp the subject
  • Brainstorming, brainstorming, and more brainstorming
  • Ideation and design thinking to create workshop dynamics
  • Deep dive into the emotional aspect of the dynamics and desired outcomes
  • Creation of narrative thread for workshop
  • Honing details regarding content, format and structure
  • Select and coordinate with suppliers
  • Coordinate special catering to reflect the subject of the event
  • Site visits and team meetings
  • Event programme proposal
  • Design look & feel for the event
  • Online and offline graphic elements
  • Manage timings and deadlines
  • Rehearsals and event walkthrough
  • Creation of run of show and internal communication plan
  • Ensure that everything ran smoothy during the event
  • Post-event report and participants feedback

We had asked all the participants to send a photo that represented them. Each person had to “fight” for their identity by sharing their emotions and memories. Again, we were stunned to see how open, honest, and vulnerable everyone was willing to be. It was incredibly moving.

The participants were split into four smaller groups. Each station had a facilitator that lead the group through the dynamic. Each group rotated through the different stations. The idea was to generate reflection, dialogue, insights and solutions. Every single person participated fully, engaged and present. It was amazing to see the reactions.

Words fall short for such an emotional event. After so many years, so many experiences, so many projects, this small event, created so passionately for 21 people, stole our hearts and left us breathless. Maybe it was the return to live events. Maybe it was working so intensely on the content. Maybe it was working with a team again. Maybe people need to connect in different ways due to the pandemic. Maybe it’s time to go deeper. Maybe events need to have personal, emotional, and social impact to create a difference. In any case, things have changed.