Virtual Events

As event organisers, we had to quickly adapt to the new reality, learning how to transform in-person experiences to virtual formats. We sat through endless hours of online events during the confinement to see what was being created. Unfortunately, we weren’t too happy with what was being offered. Virtual events need a different approach to traditional events in which attendees can meet in person. The challenge was clear: how to bring warmth and connection to people sitting in their homes. With much care and attention, it is definitely possible to create engaging online experiences for attendees. 

Here you will see a selection of our virtual events.


Digital Future Society seeks to build an inclusive, just, and sustainable future in the digital era. Supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain in collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

The DFS Think Tank explores the many opportunities and challenges arising from the design, use, and governance of digital technologies. Solutions and policy recommendations resulting from the Think Tank’s work are designed to empower policymakers to anticipate challenges and leverage opportunities of the digital age.

Our role: Virtual event organisers
Purpose: Migrate in-person events to virtual
Different events: 
Climate Emergency Working Group – 1 afternoon / national
Discussion Sessions – various topics – Full week / international
P2B Regulations – 2 afternoons / European
Global MeetUp – 1 afternoon / international
Future of Collaboration Working Group – 1 afternoon / international

Virtual Event for DFS Think Tank

In the case of smaller online events, it was possible to work at a deeper level of detail. We created our Experience Boxes, to be sent to attendees. Each box contained a beverage and a small snack, as well as quality headphones and an object to be used during the event. 

When dealing with a larger audience, it was crucial to focus on the needs of the attendees regarding the topics that were being discussed. Each person invited to the Digital Future Society events, holds a position in which they take decisions that affect organisations or cities. These are people invested in change, that help shape the future. They are also very busy people.

We pared back to avoid wasting time, while making sure that the content, delivery, format, and flow were flawless. We created digital welcome packs so people would know what to expect on the day of the event. We coached speakers so they would be prepared for their online appearances. We prepped slides so that the content on-screen would be attractive. We even carried out technical tests with the attendees so they would enjoy an optimum experience during the event. 


The Art Directors Club of Europe was created in 1990 by a group of professional design and advertising associations from around Europe. ADCE promotes European creativity through their annual awards, events, programmes, and publications.

In 2020, it was necessary to migrate the annual Creativity Festival to an online format due to the pandemic. This was a huge undertaking as the in-person event had a duration of two days. The in-house team decided on a nine-hour format that would take place in one day, filled with short talks, panels with the online attendees, music and presentations.

Our role: Virtual event producers
Purpose: Transform an in-person event to an online format
Style: Content capsules
Attendees: 700+ people

Virtual Event for ADCE

Everyone was so invested in pulling the event off. Around Europe, the content came pouring in, more than expected. We had to create an additional screening room and have different content streaming simultaneously. We prepared every last detail, working with the speakers to make sure they would be ready for their online moment. The result was amazing, the visuals, the graphics, the creativity shining through and inspiring the attendees. The chat was on fire, the DJ during the lunch break was amazing. Everything came together. The annual Creativity Festival usually enjoys an audience of approximately 330 people. By transitioning to the online format, they doubled their reach and the feedback was incredible.