Colvin offers a fresh take on the flower and plant business. Through online sales and eliminating intermediaries, the company works directly with agriculturists, taking care of the entire process. In this way, Colvin manages to deliver their bouquets and plants as fresh as possible.

Design is a key component for Colvin, from their fresh image and colourful social media to the beautiful bouquets they deliver to their clients. They have created a simple and quick way for people to bring plants and flowers into their homes.

Role: Event Manager
Purpose: Offer simple joy and happiness to people
Goal: Bring the online world of Colvin to a physical space
Style: Popup event
Venue: Ailaic

Event: The company wanted to try different ways of connecting with their clients offline while attracting new customers. Over the course of three days, a special venue was transformed into a popup event garden wonderland, filled with plants, flowers, beautiful vases and pots. Each day, the first 100 visitors received a very special gift, a rare Philodendron Pink Princess. Workshops and plant coaching by experts were also offered, allowing people to create their own floral arrangements and learn more about plants.

Surprisingly, it’s not that common for an online brand to take the plunge and create a real-life experience. We all love the ease of online shopping but seeing the products in person just seems to get our hearts racing.

A constant stream of people passed through the Colvin PopUp event doors over the course of three days. Entire families, couples, friends and those who were just curious… almost no one left empty-handed. Many were already huge fans of Colvin and wanted to experience the plants and flowers firsthand. Others were enjoying their first contact with the brand, in an incredible setting, filled with the scent of green freshness.

PopUp Event

What we did:

  • Site visits to venue
  • Design traffic flow
  • Create product distribution
  • Design lighting
  • Decorating proposal
  • Select music for the event
  • Coordinate with suppliers
  • Ideate cost-efficient solutions for furnishing
  • Manage global budget and purchases
  • Oversee timings and deadlines
  • Select team to work at the event
  • Create agenda for the activities at the Pop-Up
  • Ideate solutions for foreseeable mishaps
  • Make sure things ran smoothly during the event
  • Restock and water plants
  • Manage deliveries
  • Access control and manage flow of visitors
  • Create post-event report

Now, more than ever, the simple joy of filling a home with plants and flowers brings great happiness to people’s lives. Watching over the scene of people laughing and sharing, a space filled with luscious colour, it almost seemed impossible after everything we’ve been through and are still experiencing with the pandemic. What a great way to bring an online brand into the real world, through carefully curated experiences that people can enjoy. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes yet it is such a pleasure when you see the results. When you see how engaged each person is, how excited to be a part of that specific moment in time.