Payfit – Online Event

online event payfit


Payfit specialises in challenging technology on a daily basis in order to improve complex processes for HR departments so they can focus on what really matters: their people. With a clear focus on the human factor, this is a company that strives to make life easier.

Due to restrictions changing on a daily basis, Payfit took the decision to hold their annual Christmas gathering as an online event to ensure that their employees would stay safe while having some fun.

Our role: Online event organisers
Purpose: Transition a physical gathering to online
Goal: Team bonding
Style: Online informal gathering
Venue: Online event
Attendees: 40 people

The goal for this event was clear, it was time to let employees bond while having some fun. We ideated a short but exciting format for Payfit. Boxes with cava and mini panettone were sent to each of the attendees. We reached out to Planet Impro in Barcelona so they could create a fun show, filled with moments of interaction.

online event payfit

Online Event for Payfit

  • Initial brainstorming based on the brief
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Selection of items to be sent to participants
  • Coordinate shipping of gift boxes
  • Prepare all the necessary elements for Zoom
  • Meetings with the improv team to help create their show
  • Structure and flow for the virtual format
  • Structure and flow proposal for the virtual format
  • Manage timings and deadlines
  • Meetings and rehearsals to iron out all the details
  • Creation of run of show
  • Ensure that everything ran smoothy during the virtual event

It can be harder to gauge how an online event is unfolding but in this case, the reactions of the employees were crystal clear. It was amazing to see how much people were laughing and the chat was on fire.