Coetur 2021 – Online Conference Event

online conference event coetur 2021


Launched in 2007, Escapada Rural is the reference search portal for countryside vacations in Spain and Portugal. Offering more than 12.000 rural accommodations, the company works closely with proprietors, to ensure that travellers will enjoy unique experiences in natural surroundings.

Aiming to raise awareness regarding rural tourism, Escapada Rural hosts an annual event, the Congreso Europeo de Turismo Rural (Coetur), which acts as a crucial meeting point for those involved in the sector. Each year, the conference event is hosted by a different area in Spain or Portugal, to place a spotlight on the variety of regions. The host for 2021 was the Basque Country, with its beautiful scenery and delicious food.

Our role: Virtual event organisers
Purpose: Transform in-person event to virtual
Goal: Analyse the current moment and address challenges
Style: Conference
Venue: Online
Attendees: 700+ people

The 7th edition of Coetur was postponed from 2020 to 2021 and would also undergo a change of format, from in-person to online. As countries shut their borders around the world, local travel has enjoyed a surge, which has also led to new situations. Aptly titled: “Challenges and opportunities for rural tourism in 2021”, Coetur was held virtually at Aránzazu, located in the Basque Country.

How do you showcase a landscape or a flavour or a sensation in the online event format? Rural tourism is extremely down to earth, nuanced, based on experiences that involve the five senses. Would it be possible to bring the same experience to attendees on the other side of their screens?

online conference event coetur 2021

Online Conference Event

Luckily, Coetur had already been streaming their event for several years, offering the possibility to attend in-person or view live from home. For 2021, only speakers and a select few people from the Basque Country would be in attendance, to ensure everyone’s safety. The focus of the event was the virtual audience, with a few special experiences for the in-person audience.

  • Virtual conference event
  • Coordinate with speakers
  • Arrange accommodation and travel
  • Manage suppliers
  • Work closely with the venue
  • Rehearsals
  • Manage timings and deadlines
  • Creation of run of show
  • Ensure that everything ran smoothy during the event

Some events work better than others in the virtual format. In the case of Coetur, they were ahead of the game in terms of streaming, which made the transition so much easier. That said, the experience aspect of the event was difficult to replicate as certain things, such as FAM tours need to be in-person. In any case, the theme of the conference was incredibly important this year, shedding much-needed light on the challenges that the rural tourism sector is facing. It was an incredible experience to be tucked away on the side of a mountain in Aránzazu, surrounded by lush, green landscapes, feeling like time had stopped. All while streaming content out into the world.