Primavera Sound

music festival production


For more than sixteen years Primavera Sound has been consistently offering successful musical events. The flagship festival has taken place in Barcelona since 2001, consolidated as a model reference for urban festivals that is internationally considered an unmissable musical event. A strong commitment ensures spectators from different generations can fully enjoy the experience of live music. This is clearly reflected in the innovative quality of the events, exuding coherence, eclecticism and a love of risk-taking, all characterised by an unmistakeable artistic line, strongly influenced by rock, pop, and the most underground tendencies of dance music.

Role during the festival: Access Coordination
Venue: Parc del Forùm
Attendees: 60.000+ per day

After working as a team supervisor during Primavera Sound for seven years, we saw the need for a new position that would facilitate the main access team workflow, a General Supervisor that would act as a bridge between the team Supervisors and the Access Coordinator.

In 2015, we started the new position of General Supervisor, leading a team of up to 150 people with the goal to avoid static queues and ensure the team is working smoothly in order for attendees to acquire their wristbands and enter the festival as soon as possible.

Music Festival Production

As we have grown throughout the years, acquiring more knowledge and skills, new opportunities have become available. In 2017, we made the leap to Assistant Access Coordinator, helping to oversee the entire festival access operation. Among the limitless responsibilities, part of our job is to motivate the team, creating an environment of integrity and trust, making quality decisions in a coherent manner under intense pressure.

Necessary skills:
– Enthusiasm and positive attitude
– Conflict management
– Calm under pressure and stress
– Bucket-loads of empathy to deal with the team and general public
– Organizational agility
– Multitasking
– Strategic planning
– Keen problem-solving
– Flexibility
– Responsibility
– Intuition
– Priority setting