Museu del Disseny

historical research museum - investigación histórica museos


The Museu del Disseny de Barcelona plays a key role in the city, encouraging a better understanding and proper use of design. Several collections are housed within this spectacular building: Fashion and Textile Arts, Product Design, Graphic Design, and Decorative Arts, plus a hugely resourceful Documentation Centre.

My role: Fashion Research
Purpose: Gather information regarding Museum’s collection

Even before I finished studying, I knew I wanted to work with the Museu del Disseny. I also knew that I couldn’t just knock on their door. Instead, I created a blog and wrote analytical posts about their exhibitions. The effort paid off and six months later, the Museum came to me. An initial meeting was held, where I was commissioned to compile a historical research strategy based on their specifications.

historical research museum - investigación histórica museos

Historical Research

I began the passionate journey of teasing out the information they needed. I have been collaborating with them since 2010, with an average of three projects per year. I specialise in historical research and analysis of their permanent collection from the 20th century. I uncover the necessary information they need, analyse the data and present reports for the team to use as a basis to build upon the collection.

Starting in 2013, I have been involved in the process of creating the permanent exhibition “Dressing the Body – Silhouettes and Fashion”. With the opening date looming fast, at the end of 2014, there was an idea to include a large vertical screen in each vitrine pertaining to the 20th century, as well as smaller screens throughout the informational timeline. The screens viability depended on sourcing the right audiovisual material. I was commissioned to source videos of fashion shows and presentations from the 1930s to 2014. The smaller screens would showcase curious and interesting audiovisuals regarding fashion throughout this period. In both cases, the material had to fit with the Cos Vestit concept. The Museum is now open and the result is stunning!