The Superyacht Agency

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Specializing in brands and marketing communication for clients in the luxury yacht and associated industries, The Superyacht Agency, based in London, combines strategy with industry insight and creativity. One of their clients is the Marina Port Vell in Barcelona, now One Ocean Port Vell. The idea was create a premium lifestyle publication for yacht owners, captains, crew and guests docking in Barcelona. I was contacted by the agency to write articles for Superyacht Magazine.

Role: Freelance Writer
Purpose: Communication


  • Carmina Rotger – High-end fashion accessories boutique specializing in jewellery, scarves, hats, and bags.
  • Nino Álvarez – Specialized menswear boutique.
  • Colmado Murria – Unique delicatessen in a beautiful Modernist setting, one of the last “true colmados” in Barcelona.
  • Sombrerería Mil – A range of hats for all occasions, the store first opened in 1815 and is now in the fourth generation.
  • Marcos Frutos – Entrepreneur and travel enthusiast.
freelance writer - redactor freelance

Freelance Writer

There are only three editions of the magazine at the moment; as a freelance writer I was commissioned to write articles for the 2nd and 3rd editions. The aim was to focus on specific individuals and their role in Barcelona. Historical establishments that offer tradition and luxury, family enterprises that have weathered the changes throughout the years. I interviewed each person, digging into their emotional essence and passion, to create articles that pull the reader into the curious and mesmerising bubble of Barcelona.

I always find the experience of writing features to be insanely strange. Receiving the article brief, researching the person or company in question to get a general feeling, compiling the list of questions, and finally meeting a complete stranger to delve into their life… Pulling at them to reach the emotional bits and pieces, the elements that make them tick. Going back home, to the silence, organizing the answers, slipping into their skin, constructing a life with words. Thinking of the reader. No matter how many times I write features, the process never ceases to amaze me.