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The Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers in Spain is a private, independent, and non-profit organization that aims to promote design in Spanish culture and economic life. I was first contacted by ADG-FAD to carry out the Spanish to English translations for, an audiovisual design platform that sadly no longer exists.

Role: Freelance Copywriter
Purpose: Communication

Type of texts

  • Annual Laus Awards’ book
  • Laus web
  • Press releases

Freelance Copywriter

Working with the ADG-FAD communication team, as freelance copywriter I have been in charge of carrying out the Spanish to English translations and copywriting for the annual Laus Awards’ book, a special volume created to showcase winning projects in various fields of design. I have also done translations for the Laus web and blog, as well as press releases regarding key information about the awards event. I can’t stand literal translations, stale texts that portray the message but lose the essence of the original. Instead, I opt to re-write the texts in English to maintain the message but infusing each paragraph with the correct concepts.

I immensely enjoy the work I do each year as I get to discover outstanding projects and professionals that work hard every day to make a difference in the world of design on so many different levels. Although my English contribution may be small in comparison, I love knowing that my texts allow these creative projects to gain a wider international audience.