Women in Mobile


Women in Mobile is an association aiming to increase the visibility of women in tech by encouraging women to take the stage, and helping events organisers to have a more balanced representation of women and men on their speaker agenda. Their goal is to inspire women and provoke change in the mobile technology industry.

Our role: Event organiser
Purpose: Events for women
Style: Conference / Networking
Venue: CCCB Sala Teatre
Attendees: Approximately 300 people

Held during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the WiM annual event hosts inspiring international speakers that share their knowledge and expertise. Each year, a special topic is selected. An insightful evening filled with talks, panels, and networking, the perfect opportunity to relax after spending the day at MWC.

People think that emotion and intuition have no place in the fast-paced environment of event production. We completely disagree! Time after time, it has been our intuition and emotional skills that has made the difference.

Click to watch the video of the last edition!

Events for Women!

So here is a breakdown of all the things we were responsible for:

  • Contacting and negotiating with suppliers
  • Selection of catering menu
  • Meetings with venue to iron out details
  • Meetings with technical collaborators
  • Updated the Women in Mobile web with event information
  • Dealt with sponsors
  • Selected team of people to work at the event
  • Liaise with speakers and their presentations
  • Proofread all texts in English
  • Help communication team
  • Special guests, attendees and press lists
  • Made sure everything was running smoothly on the day of the event

Starting in 2017 and continuing through to 2020, we were responsible for the event production of this incredible event. It is such an honour to organise events for women. As the years went by and the founders of WiM went on to bigger jobs and families, we undertook more of the planning and organising. Sadly, Women in Mobile now has ceased to exist but it was an amazing experience to be a part of such a crucial event that caused great impact in the lives of so many women.