Cómodo Screen

english copywriter - copywriter inglés nativo


Ever wondered about those graphics that swirl across your television screen before a commercial break? How about the logos of channels? There is an entire art behind the design that you see on television, with dedicated people creating engaging graphics to create loyalty and a sense of community among viewers. Cómodo Screen does exactly that, a motion graphics and broadcast design studio located in Barcelona.

Role: English Copywriter
Purpose: Marketing / Commercial

Check out my work as English Copywriter for Cómodo Screen.

English Copywriter

  • Web
  • Press dossiers
  • Presentations
  • Project descriptions for awards
  • Articles for publications – print and online
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Digital marketing
  • Management of WordPress backend

I actually worked in-house as English Copywriter for over three years with the Cómodo Screen team, managing their web and Facebook, creating texts for different digital marketing and commercial purposes, and defining the best communication strategies while ensuring message and content consistency for the studio.