Ainhoa Herrera

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Ainhoa Herrera specialises in creating quality hand knit wool accessories and lovely leather bags. Her entire production is carried out in Barcelona and her attention to detail is exquisite. These are cosy wool hats and XXL scarves to snuggle in. The vibrant hues and nubbly texture are key characteristics of Ainhoa’s handcraft work. Her small collection of leather goods is comprised of four different bags, two of which are entirely reversible.

Role: Project Management / Copywriting / Digital Marketing
Purpose: Brand identity for launch
Style: Thoughtful, warm and purposeful

The project was completed in under five months, with everyone working like mad. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented team of people, a unique experience which we hope to repeat many times more. Ainhoa was the dream client, always prepared, always did her homework, pro-active, energetic, willing to take a risk, true to her passion and contagiously optimistic.

You can check out the fantastic results here!

Digital Marketing - Marketing Digital - Creative Project Manager - Vera Ciria - Barcelona

Digital Marketing and Communication

Ainhoa Herrera contacted us back in July 2015 after seeing the creative direction we had done for L’he fet. The work initially consisted in creating an online shop and web plus graphic identity but quickly became a complete 360º digital marketing adventure. This is the largest project we have worked on from start to finish, a huge and exciting challenge.

  • Creative project management
  • Brainstorming and branding values strategy
  • e-commerce and website
  • Graphic Identity and Packaging – by Griselda Martí
  • Copywriting
  • Translations to Spanish and Catalan
  • Communication strategy and implementation
  • Creation and strategy for Facebook and Instagram
  • Photo session production, coordination, and styling
  • Stand design – Griselda Martí
  • Market research

Sounds like a lot of fancy names, so let’s dig deeper into the parts that we actively worked on:

Creative Project Management

  • Plan, schedule and attend meetings
  • Send recaps to corresponding team members and client
  • Massive amounts of phone calls and emails
  • Tracking payments and ensuring that everyone was paid on time
  • Prepare budgets
  • Coordination and communication with team
  • Planning and implementation of deadlines
  • Coordination of translations
  • Programming support for website and e-commerce
  • Creation of presentations for meetings
  • Coordination of legal team for website and e-commerce texts
  • Feedback for all team members throughout the project
  • Creation of Etsy store
  • Massive amounts of errands!


  • Web texts
  • Product descriptions
  • Meta-texts for SEO
  • Press release
  • Brand presentation
  • Social Media
  • Texts for product labels

Production and Styling

  • Select models for photo shoots
  • Coordination and logistics for photo shoots
  • Sourcing of atrezzo for photo shoots
  • Styling on the day of each photo shoot
  • Selection and resizing of photos for web and social media

Communication and Digital Marketing

  • Brainstorming and creation of values and communication strategy
  • Market research
  • Creation of strategy for Facebook and Instagram
  • Creation of press release and press dossier
  • Press contacts and mailing of press release
  • Blogger / Instagrammers contacts and mailing