L’He Fet

prop styling photo shoot
creative direction - dirección creativa - prop styling winter for lhet fet


Olga Ibars with her cute brand L’He Fet specialises in making simple and useful hats for modern life. Born from the necessity to protect her skin from the blazing Barcelona sun, each L’He Fet hat is reversible, presenting two different fabrics to quickly change styles; completely adjustable to fit any size; and easy to transport, just roll the hat up and pop in your bag. All fabrics are sourced in Barcelona and the entire production is carried out by Olga right here in the Catalan capital.

Role: Creative direction and photo shoot production
Purpose: Web and social media photos

Spring 2015

Olga first contacted us to carry out the creative direction and production of her spring / summer 2015 photo shoot and to take care of prop styling. After an initial brainstorming session, we proposed a theme loosely based on summer fruit and props reminiscent of Barcelona, a concept that would highlight the brand values while offering a sense of staying fresh in summer. Unilaterally, we began planning all the logistics for the photo shoot, selecting photographer Anna Morago for her unique sensibility in capturing exquisite images, and deciding on the perfect terrace location in the Borne neighbourhood of Barcelona. Between deadlines and meetings, we sourced all the necessary elements for the day and carried out preparations.

On the day of the shoot, we organized the entire line-up of hats and prepared the props for the different still-lifes. The resulting photos are colourful, fresh, vibrant and attractive.

Autumn 2015

After the success of the spring / summer photos, Olga contacted us once again to prepare the photo shoot and creative direction for her autumn / winter 2015-16 collection of L’He Fet hats. After seeing the new fabrics, so warm and cosy, we immediately decided on a theme inspired by Berlin in the 1940s. Olga is very proactive and was able to provide a model and a great location, a grey and burgundy apartment located in the Raval neighbourhood in Barcelona. We love working with photographer Anna Morago and she had done such a great job with the summer photos that we immediately included her in the team. This time around the shoot was more challenging as we wanted to achieve a chiaroscuro effect, dark and mysterious with a touch of melancholy. A sweet girl waiting for her beau to return from the war.

We sourced all the necessary elements and on the day of the shoot created still-lifes aiming for a concept similar to Flemish paintings, mixing dried autumnal leaves, berries, and pine cones with books, coffee, and other props. The results are far better than we could ever have hoped for: brooding and mysterious, a magical warmth in a time of cold and uncertain.

For more information regarding the process and final photos, click here to read a blog post.