Frank’s House

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Based in Latvia, Frank’s House is a print agency specializing in magazines for companies such as airlines, and other print support for various industries. Their clear vision and values translate into products that capture the imagination, transforming client concepts into reality. Among the different corporate magazines they manage and produce is Baltic Outlook for Air Baltic, with a monthly run of 22,000 copies distributed on airplanes.

Role: Content Writer
Purpose: Communication / Entertainment

content writer - redactor contenidos inglés

Content Writer

We were contacted by Frank’s House to write articles for Baltic Outlook throughout a 2-year period. These articles mainly focused on Barcelona, one of the airline’s destinations. Short pieces, either half or full-page to reveal interesting aspects of the city. After receiving each brief, we carried out extensive research and interviews when necessary. The last step was to gather all the pieces of the puzzle to write interesting articles for cooped-up travellers.

We often find inflight magazines to be woefully generic. Many times this is due to non-locals writing about cities they possibly haven’t even visited. Or lack of research… In any case, the Baltic Outlook magazine really strives to portray the local vision, the corners and secrets that passengers should get to know, an engaging manner of offering something extra on each flight.

List of articles as content writer

  • Put a “Caganer” in Your Life!
    Short article on Catalan caganers
  • Where Design and Goodwill Unite for Christmas
    An annual designer Christmas tree auction in Paris
  • Santa Eulalia – Fashion in Barcelona
    Re-opening of the legendary boutique
  • Skating up a Storm
    Skateboarder Madars Apse interview
  • Urban Plant
    A five-part article focusing on florists in Europe
  • The Best of Barcelona
    A celebration of local souvenirs, far removed from the typical tourist clichés, in other words, what the locals would like you to take home
  • Barcelona’s New T1 Terminal
    Showcase of the new terminal and various innovative services