Pluja of Links – Welcome 2015

Will this be a good year? I really hope so. Have you made your resolutions or just don’t bother? I prefer to have goals throughout the entire year instead of wild aims that get broken before the first month has passed. In any case, here is the best of the weird and wonderful to enjoy while nursing your hangover.

Beautiful and whimsical video.

Although I shudder a bit to think of “destroying” books, these are fantastic.

Talking about paper, these costumes are made entirely from paper!

Ever wondered what superheroes would look like in Elizabethan ruff collars? Probably not, so we can thank Sacha Goldberg for this magnificence.

Fed-up with constant messages of good cheer? This Instagram account will change that!

Creative success in the age of Internet by Molly Crabapple.

If only the ’90s would pop back up more often…

I think there is one in the US, but this Cereal Killer Café is so much closer. The agony of choosing! Such a great name too!

A Pixar film on emotional intelligence? Who could do a better job? I can’t wait to see this.

Food made out of Lego, too good to be true.

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