Pluja of Links: September

Exploding Flowers by Ori Gersht

Photo Ori Gersht

The last day of September, filled with rain and gusting wind. Where did the summer go? It was over so fast. Hopefully there will still be at least a month more of nice weather before the damp sets in. In the meantime, let’s get distracted with some weird and wonderful things online.

These exploding flowers, cracked and damaged, so good.

Text these people, they can get you whatever you want… within reason. Why doesn’t this exist in Barcelona?

Ceramic murals for your walls!

Everyone is still flippin’ out over the red moon eclipse a few days ago. I actually put on the alarm clock to get up and see the phenomenon. And when the alarm went off at 4:30am, I promptly shut it off and snuggled back to sleep. Maybe one of Stella Maria Baer’s moons can be a good replacement!

Hear that paper roar!

I so want to go on a blind date with a book!

Hopefully going to Japan next year for the first time. This seems like the perfect place to visit.

Federico Babino’s architectural zoo is too good for words.

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