Pluja of Links – January

The first month of the year is almost over! Already! 2015 is already on a fast track, every year racing past faster and faster. Blink and it will be Christmas again. How are the resolutions going? I’ve finally stopped smoking, very happy about that! I’ve finally gotten over myself and started the research for the book I want to write, and I will be moving to a new flat. A good-looking year so far! So while you mull away on how things are going, here are some links to distract and waste some otherwise productive time.

The best video ever. Full stop. Ever, ever, ever. Hands down. No competition. This guy is incredible. I want to be this guy. Don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be a guy…

Mari Hokkanen is a photography who creates weird and wonderful images.

I’m kinda annoyed with the simplification of being in your ’30s. Does anyone actually go to bed at 21:00? That’s ridiculous! This is a really curious age bracket, the strangest of my life so far and I really appreciate all the weirdness. I am not happy to be packaged and labelled as boring or old!

I know that everyone is probably tired of this, but I can’t get enough of anything related to Back to the Future. I so want these shoes!

Cortiço and Netos is a store in Lisbon that sells vintage tiles. The goal is the preservation of Portuguese industrial tiles. I love that this is so niche, so special, so magical. Things like this are what make the world a better place.

Mould on the walls is a bad things. But these paper mushrooms are the best!

David Bowie in all his guises.

My favourite photographer is Tim Walker. Look at these photos he’s snapped of celebrities!

You know how brands rarely surprise anymore, rarely make an effort, still use tired old gimmicks? Not the case of Castello how created reproductions of art masterpieces that can be eaten. I am so enamoured of this, so brilliant! This is what advertising should be all about.

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