Pluja of Links – February

I really don’t like February. It’s short, the coldest month in Barcelona. The stop-gap between spring finally arriving with the promise of better weather. There is nothing much to do and people are in a bad mood. Everything is bare and grey, the clouds hang low, and we don’t even get the pleasure of snow. Everything and everyone seems to be waiting to breath again in March. I’m suffocating and want to breathe. Please come quickly, March!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for videos like this one.

Finally have my plane tickets for London to see the magnificent Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A. Aside from this magnificent experience, I really hope this time I’ll be able to enjoy the crazy deliciousness of dining at Sketch. We always say we’ll go but it just never seems to fit with our economical plans.

I was at the Isabelita Virtual event at Apple Passeig de Gracia at the beginning of February. It was curious to see Isabel in person. If you haven’t seen her images, run wildly to check her Instagram account.

Illuminated fruit and veggies? Actually really cool.

I can’t wait to see this documentary. I dare you not to cry!

How to find fulfilling work. Nothing new here but cute video!

Know how infographics are kinda boring? Check out these versions!

Knowing what to charge as a freelance is a horrific task but even worse is trying to make clients understand why you charge that price. This article has totally changed my perspective, the best I have ever read on the subject!

This is kinda disturbing… So, so happy I left home when I was 18.

Weird and wonderful web series. Can’t decide if I love it or it’s just really annoying.

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