Pluja of Links – Killing Time Before Christmas

Bored of Christmas already? Or still really excited? Either way, there are probably loads of moments to kill time. Here goes the weird and wonderful!

Let’s start with a tear-jerker of a video for Christmas!

Why has no one done this before? The ultimate Christmas selfie.

The University of California makes the most exquisite videos, very concise and mesmerising, on different topics. Each piece is beautifully executed, drawing the viewer in. Just enough information to avoid being boring and just nerdy enough to pull on my heart strings. This is passionate people at their best.

Lovely, quirky, vintage postcards that depict key dishes in Spain. So much better than a postcard of Las Ramblas!

Curious about people’s mundane elements? Letterheady is a blog that collects iconic letterheads from movie stars, directors, models, etc. It almost seems like spying…

I had an unfortunate incident with a popsicle when I was little which has made me give them a wide berth. But I would change my mind for one of these.

The ultimate pop-up book… of cocktails!

This Japanese artisan is amazing! So jealous of his steady hand.

Need specific vocabulary for men’s shoes and shoe parts? Let Nice Laundry help you out.

Crazy madness of a video, sublimely perfect.

I can never get enough of Trish Sie’s choreography work for OK-Go.

I dare you not to laugh! So true.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more incredible things to share with you in the next two weeks. Until then, enjoy!

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