Pluja of Links – April 2016

What a month of upheavals! I am so glad March is out of the way. From low moments of desperation to fizzling instants of stress, time stretching out into an endless highway to the hours just whipping by. Definitely a whirlwind month. April brings spring and warmer weather plus a fabulous trip I have been waiting for all my life: three weeks in Japan. Enjoy the weird and wonderful for April!

Hands-down the best fashion collection I have ever set eyes on.

Check out the branding, then look at the bags.

Whimsical landscapes made from books and maps.

The attention to detail!

Animals and flowers, too cute to be true!

Just do it, a manifesto.

Disney and the story of menstruation… WTF?

Beautiful alternative film posters.

The Full Moon Story for Vogue Korea.

Yes! Chocolate Pantone exists!

So crazy, so wonderful, don’t miss June Calypso’s photos.

Embroidered cookies, nothing more to say…

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