New Year, New Content, New Attitude

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The new year is already a month old. The past year, 2015, was one of the most eventful years I’ve ever experienced. You can read more about all the upheaval in my freelance existence. I managed to completely turn my life around and have been working non-stop up until Christmas. So once again, Sticky Fingers was resigned to the back burner as I was working between 14 to 16 hours a day. It has been incredibly exciting and now that things have settled down, I needed to rest and gather energy and my wits, it’s time to finally pay some attention to the blog.

So, let’s start once again, the perfect moment at the start of the year. I’ll be sharing some of the great projects that I’ve completed in the last six months and there will be a new posting schedule, hopefully easier to maintain! So thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy all that is in store!

Mondays – Dedicated to books and reading. Because, you know, reading is my super power.

Wednesdays – Dedicated to projects that I’ve completed over the past months, filled with photos and exquisite details. Come March, I’ll be launching a personal project with photographer Anna Morago, which I am very excited about!

Fridays – As everyone is looking forward to the weekend, we’ll have something light and fun, a compendium of posts that will rotate through each week of the month:

  • A link round-up
  • Something on Barcelona
  • Something foodie
  • A styling experiment that I’ve been working on or just something magical and beautiful

Let’s share the magic, dig in deeper, really feel and be aware of every moment of our lives. That’s what I’m going to do this new year!


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