Meatpacking Bistro in Barcelona

Meatpacking Bistro in Barcelona

New York-style has been slowly creeping into Barcelona consciousness for some time now, yet the Meatpacking Bistro was always ahead of the game. With a gorgeous atmosphere and killer menu, they are packing quite the culinary punch.

The Meatpacking Bistro makes the concept of perfect seem underrated. The mix of lighting and pony-skin chairs, plush sofas, white tiles, shelves of books, every single detail has a purpose and meaning. Each aspect gathers together in perfect symphony, a classy atmosphere to sit and have a great bite to eat. The only downside is the amount of icky rich women, tanned to an orange crisp, snickering away while they talk about their fabulous lives. (Frustrated sigh…) I suppose you can’t avoid this when anything is located above Avenida Diagonal.

Meatpacking Bistro in Barcelona

Meatpacking Bistro in Barcelona

The Bistro menu is slightly more varied than the Café, offering six starter options, five salads and great main dishes. There are also several daily specials; I had the pastrami wrap and almost died. It has been years since I last had one and this hit the spot. The cheddar was thick and full of flavour, the meat was thinly sliced and the honey-mustard was divine.

There are seven burgers on the menu, a great choice for all palettes. A definite contender of Barcelona’s best burger. And then… there are the fries. Last time I had fries this good was in France. Pure and utter perfection. This is French fry heaven. These are hands’ down the best French fries in the city.

Meatpacking Bistro in Barcelona

Meatpacking Bistro in Barcelona

The other good thing? The price. Two main courses, a side of fries and a big bottle of water were just under 20 euros. An in-between cost that doesn’t leave one penniless or hungry, as the portions are on the generous side. The weekend brunch is amazing, with fantastic options that will leave you groaning, salivating and full all day.

Address: Travessera de Gracia 50-52

Telephone: 93 200 8908


FGC: Gracia

Any of the buses that go up Aribau.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Wed 8:00am to 00:30am

Thurs – 8:00am to 02:00am

Fri – 8:00am to 02:30am

Sat – 11:30am to 02:30am

Sun 11:30am to 17:00pm

All photos courtesy of Meatpacking Bistro.

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