M is for Magic – The Alphabet Imaginarium

M is for Magic - The Alphabet Imaginarium by Vera Ciria

Photo by Anna Morago

M is for Magic, that mysterious element that surrounds us. A thread of sparkles that dance within. An awareness of the universe moving subtly, enigmatic plans that gleam in the shadows. A powerful force acting in a hushed manner, revealing itself with a push and a shove at the exactly the precise moment.

Not many people have the time or the impulse, the curiosity to seek out the magic in our world. Busy lives and downcast eyes are not conducive to catching glimpses of bewitching plans that are unfolding constantly. A stillness is necessary, large doses of introspection, a certain vulnerability. A childlike inquisitiveness, a fascination for the odd and wonderful.

Magic holds great beauty and is consistently present. A certain sixth sense is necessary to see things out of the corner of the eye. A shimmering cavort of motes in sunlight, the quiet growth in nature, of green things pushing forward. The finite balance between good and evil. The flavours, odours, and sensations. The magic is unfolding constantly, the universe jiving a magical and intricate jig.

To see the magic it is necessary to believe. The magic is within you and has always been there. The magic probes and asks questions. Magic is believing there are worlds within wardrobes, animals that talk, deeper meaning within books and creative work. Magic is believing in connections, in the power of emotions, in the strength that you hold inside.

You know you have sensed it. Possibly while reading a book, maybe when hearing music, perhaps when eating a certain dish. There are authors, musicians, chefs, and artists, a creative scraggle of people that channel this magic into the work they do. They have managed to harness their magic into a passion.

With M is for Magic, we want to take you by the hand and lead you to a quiet spot. Take a break and listen. Feel and see out of the corner of your eye. The magic is there, all you have to do is reach out.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ll be posting each letter here on my blog, two per week. And if you’re just on-board, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. If you just want to see the images each week, you can followThe Alphabet Imaginarium directly! Hope you’re enjoying the journey so far.

Check out the rest of the letters in the Alphabet Imaginarium.

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