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I’m a huge fan of books colliding with food, intermixing and combining. Both reading and eating are intimate and magical pleasures for me, for many of us. Trying a new restaurant can be an almost religious experience, similar to spending time in a bookstore or a library.

So for those of you who are searching for this magical combination that, oddly enough, is not very present online, I present to you: The Little Library Café. In this incredible blog, Kate, the genius behind this web and blog, posts a new recipe based on a literary dish or meal. Who can forget the envy-inducing picnics gobbled down by the Famous Five, or the comfort food in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?

Little Library Café by Kate

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Taking into consideration that a book is a meal for the “soul”, the gastronomic descriptions in novels can be epic when an author knows how to titillate the senses. Kate takes these descriptions and transforms them into a reality. This is perfect on so many levels, I actually have to sit for a moment and quiet myself.

Kate introduces her recipes with a short excerpt from each book to set the scene and then continues with her own anecdotes, memories and experiences, all from a very introspective and thoughtful point of view. There is a certain vulnerability that is charming. Each book, the recipe she has created, her words, all these translates to the perfect blend of ingredients.

Intuitive and respectful, this is a celebration of books and reading. The process of growing up and how our tastes link us to our past or subtly evolve with age. A celebration of food and cooking, of slowing down and appreciating. Kate’s posts unfold like a story and are beautiful.

Aside from her posts, she has thoughtfully organized the content for her readers with a Recipe Index and a Book Index. The perfect way to easily search for exactly what you want or need. I don’t know Kate personally, but I am so grateful for thoughtful efforts in The Little Library Café. This is a space that brightens my day. I can’t wait to discover more books and recipes through her careful style.

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