Pluja of Links – October 2014 – The Weird and Wonderful

links october 2014 - Rain in Begur

Another new section launching! What a great start for October! Are you feeling it? Pluja is rain in Catalan, so twice a month I’ll be showering a downpour of links on you to investigate. We’ll have a bit of everything: Barcelona links, fun stuff, inspiring webs and photos, the weird, wacky and wonderful. Basically, a good, old roundup of things I think you’ll like.

So let’s get started! Hope you are all having a lovely autumn so far.

Is this really necessary? Deep-fried Guinness…

My type of dessert. Food that looks like art

These fictional places aren’t so unreal.

As a designer, do you recognise yourself? I do, even though I’m not a designer!

Postcards for Ants. This is so beautiful.

I can never get enough of Jaws.

Can we auto-correct humanity? This is really chilling.

Because cherry blossoms are always lovely.

Absolutely loving Dan Bannino’s work.

This is hilarious! The DILFs of Disneyland.

iPhone 6 too big for your pocket? This actually occurred.

Yes! I want this! Can we have a Barcelona version?

Mixed up about your shoes? This is a great guide.

Rooftop dancers, absolutely stunning.

And of course, what we were all waiting for, the emojew.

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