Pluja of Links November 2014

Pluja of Links November 2014 - Air France poster

I know this AirFrance campaign is at least from last year, but I still love it. Another month has flown by, time for Links November 2014. With a trip to Buenos Aires now behind me, I’ll be sharing lots of lovely things with you over the next weeks. For the moment, sit back and enjoy the weird and wonderful from my wanderings online.

I’m not too sure about this, art created with an iPad.

Would you swap your life if you could?

The most delicate of paper art.

John Malkovich reimagined in classic pop culture moments. This is fascinating, I love it!

I love Sarah Illenberger’s work!

Sculpted landscapes in dinner plates.

Edward Hopper’s storyboards for Nighthawks.

When Sesame Street does Star Wars. Too good.

I want this skyline wrapping paper.

The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities. Yes! This actually exists.

The Pixar Theory – too good to be true?

The Worst Contraceptives Used by Women Throughout History, the lengths we go to!

Thug Kitchen, cue lots of swearing.

The Condensed Wikipedia – a lot more fun.

No more cartoons on a Saturday? How is this possible?

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