Gradual Puddling of Knees – The Woes of 30+

Gradual Puddling of Knees

I used to have knobbly knees. The caps would strain out through the skin, making my legs look pre-teen. Oh, how annoyed I was at those knees. But now I wish I had appreciated them in all their glory. For now a curious phenomenon has befallen them in the past years, specifically upon hitting 30.

I am fit. I exercise five to six times a week and enjoy it. (Another curious thing about being in your 30s. I used to rock with laughter at those going for a run on the weekend. No life! I thought.) I eat healthy about 80% of the time and am on the skinny side. Yet in the mirror, I see what is happening. The skin above my knees has v-e-r-y slowly started to move south, puddling around my once knobby patellas. The dreaded gradual puddling of knees. Just like lava cooling, that same oozing into crinkles. How can this be happening so soon?! Will my knees end up around my ankles like a pair of greying knickers?

Photo courtesy of National Geographic.


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