G is for Green – The Alphabet Imaginarium

G is for Green - The Alphabet Imaginarium by Vera Ciria

Photo by Anna Morago

G is for green, so luscious and alive. A colour that grows, filled with limitless nuances. A sense of freedom and fresh air, of deep moss in the forest and sparkling dew on grass. The colour of Oz and the evil shade of envy.

Green is the prominent colour in nature, a mysterious presence that accompanies us. I find solace in green, a quietening of the noise and stress. Green is an escape, a restorative stroll in a park, a weekend jaunt to the countryside. The bits of grass growing through the cracks in the pavement. Green wants to be a part of our lives, even in the harsh environments of a city.

Make time for green in your life. Feel it calling to you, spend some time in nature, fill your plate with delicious greens. With G is for Green, we answer the call and let ourselves be led into the forest.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ll be posting each letter here on my blog, two per week. And if you’re just on-board, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. If you just want to see the images each week, you can follow The Alphabet Imaginarium directly! Hope you’re enjoying the journey so far.

Check out the rest of the letters in the Alphabet Imaginarium.

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