Freelance Existence – Welcome Back

A Freelance Existence - Welcome Back

Many months have passed… I can assure you, being hacked is a serious and horrible experience. It was all a bit touch and go at the beginning, with no guarantee that I would recuperate all my information, posts, and photos. But the experience is over, it’s time to start again. A new web, which I absolutely love. A design that represents my work and my essence. So the blog also looks a bit different now as well, to maintain coherence with the web.

So what has been happening during these crazy months of freelance existence? I finally moved to a bigger apartment, the attic flat was just too tight. I still remember the first day I went to visit and couldn’t take my eyes of the perfect tiled floors. The owner must have thought I was completely nuts, but I didn’t care. I knew it was to be our next home.

After two years of nagging, the kind folks at Primavera Sound offered me a new job during the festival, (yes, just another of the million and one things I do in my freelance existence), a position that I believed to be necessary to improve the work conditions for all involved. The experience blew my mind. Basically, I woke up from a long, lethargic snooze. I realized that I was none too happy with my professional life and needed new challenges. So after a holiday to visit family in Canada post-Privamera Sound, I started with real action to implement change.

I still haven’t arrived at any specific conclusions since I started this new journey in July, but I have managed to turn my life upside-down, or right-side up. In either case, things are good and I am terribly excited, popping with ideas. Aside from freelance copywriting and research, I am broadening horizons, branching out into creativity, which is part of what I studied back in the day. It almost seems like I opened the door to the universe and opportunities, sensations, and new experiences are flooding in.

One of the ideas, which I think I have mentioned in the past, is to write a book on the history of fashion in Barcelona. It’s a complicated idea that has lots of details to be considered, so that is one of the options.

I’ve also been trying my hand at ceramics, a new hobby to fulfil creative needs, something that doesn’t involve writing, computers, or books. Once a week, I spend a quiet and creative afternoon, working with my hands, shaping clay into objects. I never realized that several skills would be necessary, I usually draw a sketch for the initial idea and then rely on basic sculpting techniques.

Freelance existence - Ceramic shark by Vera Ciria

I have also returned to styling for photo shoots and I can hardly believe how much I enjoy it. I really need to work on projects that get me away from the computer. Too much screen time is not a good thing. There has been styling for a catering company, photo shoots for a hat designer and I’m currently working on a huge project for an accessories designer. I’ll be sharing photos and projects over the coming months, but for the moment, I’ll leave you with a few snaps from a photo session for L’He Fet by Olga Ibars. These hats are entirely handmade in Barcelona. It was great to work with Anna Morago once again, I had really missed our dynamic.

Prop styling by Vera Ciria for L'He Fet

Prop styling by Vera Ciria for L'He Fet

Prop styling by Vera Ciria for L'He Fet

So there you have it. Lots of things in my freelance existence over the past months. New ideas, exciting experiences, a slew of talented people that I have had the pleasure to work with. I’ve no idea where this is all leading, but it is good.


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