Fictitious Dishes by Dinah Fried

fictitious dishes by dinah fried

Photo by Dinah Fried

Love books? Check! Love food? Check! So what could be better than combining books and food? I often pour over the description of food and meals in literature, devouring every flavour and word, drifting away to experience each culinary delight. From basic bread and water to seven-course meals, it is a delicate skill that an author must flex in order to make readers salivate through foodie details, not everyone has this talent.

Food is one of our basic needs and in my case, books and reading is another basic need. Sometimes the basic and simple can be utterly stunning. This is the case of Dinah Fried’s Fictitious Dishes. Such a simple idea, recreating meals from novels. Such a glorious result.

fictitious dishes by dinah fried - catcher in the rye

Catcher in the Rye – Photo by Dinah Fried

Many of my most vivid memories from books are the meals the characters eat… Reading and eating are natural companions, and they’ve got a lot in common. Reading is consumption. Eating is consumption. Both are comforting, nourishing, restorative, relaxing, and mostly enjoyable.” Dinah (who has the most perfect surname to accompany her project) slowly and delectably introduces the subject, tantalizing our taste buds, warm and friendly. I can imagine that her style of writing is very similar to her way of speaking.

A designer and art director, Dinah initially embarked upon the table-setting adventure of Fictitious Dishes as a series of five photographs during her student years at the Rhode Island School of Design. Remember when you were a student and you had no idea what the future would bring? Well, here is a clear case of ideas that can grow over the years, transforming into something of beauty.

fictitious dishes by dinah fried - moby dick

Moby Dick – Photo by Dinah Fried

I am utterly in love with Fictitious Dishes. From the careful photos to the incredible mix of anecdotes about the authors, as well as personal anecdotes from Dinah, this is a work of reverence and love. The author treats the novels, the design, the photographs and dishes with great respect. I love the bold book cover and have my copy prominently displayed on a special chest of drawers, together with Modern Art Desserts by Caitlin Freeman. Time and time again, I pick up the book, read a bit, fall in love with the photos again, often referring back to spark inspiration for client projects. You will feel more complete with this book within your hands.

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