Tomándome un descanso de verano

Taking a summer break from freelance work

The heat is oppressive… Your appetite wains. You’re dreaming of autumn or an upcoming holiday escape. How much longer can this go on? No energy to do anything, let alone work. After non-stop activity, it’s finally time to take a break.

Taking a summer break after months of constant projects

Know that feeling of helping clients reach their goals and bring out the best in them? Working like crazy? Preaching the vital importance of SEO, solid copywriting and engaging communication to others? But never having time to implement these practices for your own online presence? With a slow summer ahead of me and bucketloads of energy, I had to sit down and think about tips to survive summer as a freelance.

As freelancers, we often forget about ourselves, working tremendous amounts of hours, eating at odd times and realising we haven’t been to the bathroom for a pee since before breakfast. It’s crucial to strike a balance throughout the year, but good intentions often fall away as client needs become more urgent. (You all know the ones, those that send “urgent” work at 19:00 on a Friday…)

Take advantage of slow summer months

Now is the time to take stock of my web, my SEO, and social media. Cue lots of reading and online courses to expand skills. A renewed focus on exercise to burn that energy. New communication strategies for fall. A branding refresh to be launched in September. I am so excited. We so often leave our own online presence behind, never having time to show the world the incredible work we do.

So that is my priority right now. Eight weeks of intense work on my web, my branding, and communication. Everything tied up neatly before a vacation towards the end of August. Copenhagen and Stockholm, green and less hot. Lots of work lined up for September. Things are good.

So in keeping with this whole taking a summer break, we’ll have a bit of a hiatus here on the blog until the end of September. Just about two months. I wish you all a very happy summer, hope you have lots of nice plans and can relax a bit. I’d love to hear what you’ll be doing, how you deal with the heat, how you deal with less work or more work in summer. Where you’re going on vacation. I’m sure it will be great.


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