Constructing Albert

constructing albert - a documentary

What would we find if we peeled open the brain of a master chef? I would like to think there would be a constant turmoil of chopped ingredients, whirling recipes and encyclopaedic flavours. But the truth is, we’d only reveal grey matter, just the same as everyone else. Where does inspiration and passion hide? Where is it contained? The intangible mind, heart and essence of a person are the secret hiding places, the areas that cannot be physically touched.

This peeling aside of layers is exactly the purpose behind the gastronomic documentary, Constructing Albert. Everyone knows Ferran Adrià and elBulli, but there has always been someone else standing to the side, another Adrià brother who had managed to avoid the limelight. Now things have changed. Chef Albert Adrià has become a gastronomic sensation, launching five different restaurants in Barcelona between 2013 and 2015.

Welcome to a new section – Creative Projects in Barcelona. Once a month I’ll be sharing an exciting project created by people in Barcelona, interesting ventures that capture the essence of the city. So let’s begin to discover together. It is my pleasure to present to you, Constructing Albert.

One of my clients, the lovely people at Cómodo Screen, recently launched a second company, UNTO. A studio specialising in food-related content for film, events and online mediums. They define themselves as gastronomic agitators. Together with Trueday Films, they have been diligently working to create an independent documentary that reveals the extraordinary life and talents of chef Albert Adrià. What many people don’t know is that Albert was a key figure in the success of elBulli.

The team has been following his footsteps over the past year and a half, documenting each step along the way. You can check out several teasers here. Constructing Albert aims to present the passion and skill of a previously unrecognised chef. As they near the finish line, the producers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to complete the documentary, as they have been funding their efforts through their own work so far. There are very cool prizes; I wouldn’t half mind the private dinner with Albert Adrià, visiting his five restaurants. A bit out of reach for my small pocket…

An incredible story that blends culture and delicious food. I’m really looking forward to seeing the documentary so please don’t hesitate to help out!


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