The Weird, Wonderful, Magical – Pluja of Links

Notice how the days are starting to slowly stretch? The light stays around longer. Everywhere you look, green things are pushing through, spring is most definitely on the way. We can’t complain though, this winter has been easy. So if you’re itching to get outside but can’t, take a moment to lose yourself in the weird wonderful magical world of things online. Let’s start with a video!

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Pluja of Links – June 2016

Finally summer is here! The warm promise of longer days, endless evenings spent with friends, and the alluring escape of vacation. A time to have fun, to relax and enjoy. A month filled with events and music festivals. Barcelona in June is perfect, still not too hot. So between planning that long-awaited holiday, here are a few links to marvel and dream.

Have you seen the graphic work by Annie Atkins? Absolutely amazing. Watch this video to know more.

nike air day still life

Absolutely love this series of still lifes by High Snobiety for Nike. Wish more brands would go out on a limb to create something different.

Absolutely love Kourtney Roy’s images. Very filmic and haunting.

Joël Penkman paints mouthwatering food, because in his own words, “I love food and I love to paint, so combining the two seemed like a good idea”.

How great is it when people do creative stuff with food? Set designer Nicole Heffron and photographer Henry Hargreaves bring us “Celebrated for You“, a series of creative birthday meals for legendary filmmakers.

Grabr is so fantastic it almost gives me a headache. Need something from another country? Through Grabr you can contact travellers passing through who will bring you what you need.

Aleksandra Kingo’s images are popping with colour and are fantastic.

Sensual and magical, paintings by Soey Milk are incredible. Her Instagram account is pretty great too!

Museum of Brands and Packaging in London, definitely on the wish list for the next visit.

I want these! I wanted these when I was little!

The FIDM Museum in Los Angeles now has their collection online to consult. Such a great tool!

More links coming your way in July!

Pluja of Links – April 2016

What a month of upheavals! I am so glad March is out of the way. From low moments of desperation to fizzling instants of stress, time stretching out into an endless highway to the hours just whipping by. Definitely a whirlwind month. April brings spring and warmer weather plus a fabulous trip I have been waiting for all my life: three weeks in Japan. Enjoy the weird and wonderful for April!

Hands-down the best fashion collection I have ever set eyes on.

Check out the branding, then look at the bags.

Whimsical landscapes made from books and maps.

The attention to detail!

Animals and flowers, too cute to be true!

Just do it, a manifesto.

Disney and the story of menstruation… WTF?

Beautiful alternative film posters.

The Full Moon Story for Vogue Korea.

Yes! Chocolate Pantone exists!

So crazy, so wonderful, don’t miss June Calypso’s photos.

Embroidered cookies, nothing more to say…

Pluja of Links: March 2016

Imaginarium of Tears by Maurice Mikkers

Imaginarium of Tears by Maurice Mikkers

February has come and gone. Different from other years. More fun and bright. A short month that usually seems to be eternally long, a last hurdle before the warmer weather. This February has been mild, filled with fun projects and organizing life. It has been good. I can’t wait to see what March will bring. In the meantime, just a few links of the weird and wonderful to while away the hours.

I cry quite often, a way of letting off steam, so it was amazing to find the Imaginarium of Tears.

Love, love, love Bettina Güber’s work, so magical and mysterious.

You know how you cringe when you see most app games? The graphics and colours are lurid and frustrating. Few and far between are the interesting options, here you will find a slew of games for designers that won’t make your eyes bleed!

Really detailed pet portraits made from paper.

The New World” revisits anonymous places of the 20th century. It is set in a time characterized by the conflict of Modernist and Postmodernist convictions, its influence on later 20th century history, and ultimately, the world we live in today.” Absolutely beautiful photos.

The transparency of wearing your heart on your sleeve.

The comic-encyclopaedia exists! Focusing on history and science, this is so great, so brilliant. Check out the history of colour.

Moving images by Raphaëlle Martin.

A moving company that helps victims of abuse, free of charge. We need more of this!

Furniture to help you relax. Everyone should have a piece in their home.

Type in a year, any year, maybe the year you were born. You’ll be happy with the results.

Love this video, check out the rest of IIMUAHII, absolutely stunning.

Jiggling jelly for a poptastic fashion editorial.

A blurring and a softening, Samuel Zeller’s flower snaps are perfect.

Oh to be able to go to New York and see Fairy Tale Fashion.


More weird and wonderful next month!

Pluja of Links: February 2016

My least favourite month of the year, seemingly short but really quite endless. The last bleak month before the good weather starts. So now is the perfect time to kick back and relax with the weird and wonderful from around the web. Have a great weekend!

I can never get over people who draw really well, it’s a skill I’ve never been able to master. So just feeling a tad of healthy envy over Christy Yee’s beautiful “interactive” sketches.

What a cool place for a publishing company!

Lose hours and hours pouring over the endless packaging designs on Purveyors of Packaging. So grateful to the husband and wife duo behind this project, this is what passion looks like!

I am a sucker for a video that makes me cry!

Fairytales are not only for between the pages of a book.

Talking about fairytales, Hattie Newman creates magic with paper. Love her work!

A bright spot of red in a desolate landscape.

Curious about cooking for the Royal Family?

Beauty in abandoned places. Love, love, love Javier de Riba’s work.

Cue more crying!

Crazy architecture in Bolivia.

The world’s largest collection of vintage airplane posters. Another place to lose hours and hours.

I want a cross-stitch tattoo!

Don’t cry over spilt coffee.

March will bring more madness!

Pluja of Links: November

Samuli Heimonen creates whimsical portraits of animals.

Baby otters, do I need to say anything else?

The Colour Collection by Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Does food and fashion mix? Can it ever make sense?

Because anything can be made out of Lego, right?

A pink dolphin! This actually exists! In Japan, of course!

There are square watermelons so why not have square dog hair?

Dolls and their doppelgängers. Kinda spooky!

Gummy bears that look like art…

Pluja of Links: September

Exploding Flowers by Ori Gersht

Photo Ori Gersht

The last day of September, filled with rain and gusting wind. Where did the summer go? It was over so fast. Hopefully there will still be at least a month more of nice weather before the damp sets in. In the meantime, let’s get distracted with some weird and wonderful things online.

These exploding flowers, cracked and damaged, so good.

Text these people, they can get you whatever you want… within reason. Why doesn’t this exist in Barcelona?

Ceramic murals for your walls!

Everyone is still flippin’ out over the red moon eclipse a few days ago. I actually put on the alarm clock to get up and see the phenomenon. And when the alarm went off at 4:30am, I promptly shut it off and snuggled back to sleep. Maybe one of Stella Maria Baer’s moons can be a good replacement!

Hear that paper roar!

I so want to go on a blind date with a book!

Hopefully going to Japan next year for the first time. This seems like the perfect place to visit.

Federico Babino’s architectural zoo is too good for words.

Pluja of Links – February

I really don’t like February. It’s short, the coldest month in Barcelona. The stop-gap between spring finally arriving with the promise of better weather. There is nothing much to do and people are in a bad mood. Everything is bare and grey, the clouds hang low, and we don’t even get the pleasure of snow. Everything and everyone seems to be waiting to breath again in March. I’m suffocating and want to breathe. Please come quickly, March!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for videos like this one.

Finally have my plane tickets for London to see the magnificent Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A. Aside from this magnificent experience, I really hope this time I’ll be able to enjoy the crazy deliciousness of dining at Sketch. We always say we’ll go but it just never seems to fit with our economical plans.

I was at the Isabelita Virtual event at Apple Passeig de Gracia at the beginning of February. It was curious to see Isabel in person. If you haven’t seen her images, run wildly to check her Instagram account.

Illuminated fruit and veggies? Actually really cool.

I can’t wait to see this documentary. I dare you not to cry!

How to find fulfilling work. Nothing new here but cute video!

Know how infographics are kinda boring? Check out these versions!

Knowing what to charge as a freelance is a horrific task but even worse is trying to make clients understand why you charge that price. This article has totally changed my perspective, the best I have ever read on the subject!

This is kinda disturbing… So, so happy I left home when I was 18.

Weird and wonderful web series. Can’t decide if I love it or it’s just really annoying.

Pluja of Links – January

The first month of the year is almost over! Already! 2015 is already on a fast track, every year racing past faster and faster. Blink and it will be Christmas again. How are the resolutions going? I’ve finally stopped smoking, very happy about that! I’ve finally gotten over myself and started the research for the book I want to write, and I will be moving to a new flat. A good-looking year so far! So while you mull away on how things are going, here are some links to distract and waste some otherwise productive time.

The best video ever. Full stop. Ever, ever, ever. Hands down. No competition. This guy is incredible. I want to be this guy. Don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be a guy…

Mari Hokkanen is a photography who creates weird and wonderful images.

I’m kinda annoyed with the simplification of being in your ’30s. Does anyone actually go to bed at 21:00? That’s ridiculous! This is a really curious age bracket, the strangest of my life so far and I really appreciate all the weirdness. I am not happy to be packaged and labelled as boring or old!

I know that everyone is probably tired of this, but I can’t get enough of anything related to Back to the Future. I so want these shoes!

Cortiço and Netos is a store in Lisbon that sells vintage tiles. The goal is the preservation of Portuguese industrial tiles. I love that this is so niche, so special, so magical. Things like this are what make the world a better place.

Mould on the walls is a bad things. But these paper mushrooms are the best!

David Bowie in all his guises.

My favourite photographer is Tim Walker. Look at these photos he’s snapped of celebrities!

You know how brands rarely surprise anymore, rarely make an effort, still use tired old gimmicks? Not the case of Castello how created reproductions of art masterpieces that can be eaten. I am so enamoured of this, so brilliant! This is what advertising should be all about.

Pluja of Links – Welcome 2015

Will this be a good year? I really hope so. Have you made your resolutions or just don’t bother? I prefer to have goals throughout the entire year instead of wild aims that get broken before the first month has passed. In any case, here is the best of the weird and wonderful to enjoy while nursing your hangover.

Beautiful and whimsical video.

Although I shudder a bit to think of “destroying” books, these are fantastic.

Talking about paper, these costumes are made entirely from paper!

Ever wondered what superheroes would look like in Elizabethan ruff collars? Probably not, so we can thank Sacha Goldberg for this magnificence.

Fed-up with constant messages of good cheer? This Instagram account will change that!

Creative success in the age of Internet by Molly Crabapple.

If only the ’90s would pop back up more often…

I think there is one in the US, but this Cereal Killer Café is so much closer. The agony of choosing! Such a great name too!

A Pixar film on emotional intelligence? Who could do a better job? I can’t wait to see this.

Food made out of Lego, too good to be true.