Going to Japan? Breaking the Myths

Going to Japan - Vera Ciria - Toyko Neons

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge, you’re finally going to Japan. After years of dreaming about this magical trip, the time has now arrived. You have planned and investigated, you have contacted a local guide, bought books, watched documentaries. Probably learned a few words, just in case. Done research online. You have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be doing there. You’re excited.

A strange phenomenon occurs when you say you’re heading to Japan. It seems like EVERYONE has been there and, of course, EVERYONE has lots to tell you, advice, recommendations and opinions. Even if you don’t want the information…

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The Aftermath – Dealing with Stress in Buenos Aires

Stress in Buenos Aires

Yes, this is Argentina, Mar del Plata to be exact. I’m still trying to recover from one of the worst trips I’ve experienced in my life. The stress in Buenos Aires is epic and very difficult to deal with. Thank goodness I’ve only had two bad vacations amongst all the lovely experiences. Between the craziest weather extremes, stress and noise, stroppy in-laws, too much food, a constant sense of lack of safety and losing my phone, among many other issues, this was not relaxing. I’ve been three times now and every time it just gets worse. But to those who have never been, Buenos Aires and Argentina in general, offers much to be appreciated and loved, without a doubt. The contrasts between ruin and beauty are amazing, to say the least. I don’t regret going, but I think I’ve had my fill.

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