Event Production for Women in Mobile

production for mobile event - producción para evento movil - event production for women in mobile

For some reason, many people think that emotion and intuition have no place in the fast-paced environment of event production. I completely disagree. Time after time, it has been my intuition and a more emotional approach that has made the difference.

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Creative Project Manager for Ainhoa Herrera

Creative Project Manager - Vera Ciria - Barcelona

Photo by Anna Morago

As the winter months slowly crept by and spring began to make an appearance, it was time to start tackling the work to be done for Ainhoa Herrera’s Spring / Summer Collection 2016. Comprising four leather bags, this small selection, entirely handmade in Barcelona, is filled with colour and texture.

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Creative Project Management for Ainhoa Herrera

Creative project management - Vera Ciria

“Silence invades the room and I sink into an almost meditative state as the knitting needles quietly click, adding rows and rows of stitches. I found solace in knitting after a rough period in life and have never looked back.” This is how Ainhoa Herrera’s story begins and is the text I wrote as the intro to her About.

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Prop Styling Photo Shoot for L’He Fet

prop styling photo shoot - Vera Ciria

Olga first contacted me to carry out the production of her spring / summer 2015 prop styling photo shoot. After the success of the photos, Olga contacted me once again to prepare the photo shoot and prop styling for her autumn / winter 2015-16 collection of L’He Fet hats.

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Food Styling for Albion Food and Events

food styling for albion food and events

I have personally been a fan of Claire’s heavenly cooking for quite some time now, (she created not one but two cakes for my wedding that disappeared so fast I didn’t even get a chance to taste both!) It was a great honour to help Claire with the food styling for her Albion Food & Events web, previously brainstorming the themes and perusing her menus to better understand the type of props that would be necessary. I was in charge of sourcing the different items, and once Claire had plated each dish, I swooped in to add the necessary details and arrangements. Nacho Martínez was the photographer in charge of capturing each image and he did a great job.

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