Josep Font – Creative Process

Just in time for the weekend, a bit of inspiration. Wise Films is in charge of the videos for Jesus del Pozo, fall in love with the details of Josep Font’s creative process! I’ve written about Josep Font in the past, I’m so proud of his work, the only true legacy we have from our haute couture past in Barcelona.

Josep Font DelPozo – A Magnificent Collection

Josep Font DelPozo

Quick! What is the first name that pops into your head when you think of a Spanish couturier? Did you think of Balenciaga? Can you think of a second option? I’m guessing that might be a bit more difficult.

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Paco Peralta – Old-School Elegance and Precision

paco peralta modisto barcelona

After a brief, two-week hiatus involving Easter and lots of chocolate, what better way to return than to spend some time with a very talented person, Paco Peralta. Easy-going yet animated, with firm convictions and bucket-loads of anecdotes, Sir Peralta is an entertaining conversationalist. I spent the morning in his small workshop, which is located in his apartment, and the time just flew by as the rain fell softly outside the windows.

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Santa Eulalia Renewed – A Slice of Fashion History in Barcelona

Santa Eulalia in Barcelona

Once upon a time, in 1843 to be exact, a small store opened just a few meters from Las Ramblas on Pla de la Boqueria. Domingo Taberner Prims was a discerning man, a person that knew Barcelona needed a store that would cater to the people’s fashion needs. This store would become the eye-witness to Barcelona’s history. Surviving upheavals and victories, changes and modernizations that occurred over the years. In 1848, the Liceu was inaugurated and Taberner provided both men and women with the perfect garments to visit the grand opera house.

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