Book Covers

Book Covers

What makes you decide on a book? Recommendations? Goodreads or Amazon? You already love the author? Or are you not-so-secretly drawn to the mesmerising possibilities contained within a book by spotting the perfect book covers?

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The Little Library Café

I’m a huge fan of books colliding with food, intermixing and combining. Both reading and eating are intimate and magical pleasures for me, for many of us. Trying a new restaurant can be an almost religious experience, similar to spending time in a bookstore or a library.

So for those of you who are searching for this magical combination that, oddly enough, is not very present online, I present to you: The Little Library Café. In this incredible blog, Kate, the genius behind this web and blog, posts a new recipe based on a literary dish or meal. Who can forget the envy-inducing picnics gobbled down by the Famous Five, or the comfort food in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?

Little Library Café by Kate

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Taking into consideration that a book is a meal for the “soul”, the gastronomic descriptions in novels can be epic when an author knows how to titillate the senses. Kate takes these descriptions and transforms them into a reality. This is perfect on so many levels, I actually have to sit for a moment and quiet myself.

Kate introduces her recipes with a short excerpt from each book to set the scene and then continues with her own anecdotes, memories and experiences, all from a very introspective and thoughtful point of view. There is a certain vulnerability that is charming. Each book, the recipe she has created, her words, all these translates to the perfect blend of ingredients.

Intuitive and respectful, this is a celebration of books and reading. The process of growing up and how our tastes link us to our past or subtly evolve with age. A celebration of food and cooking, of slowing down and appreciating. Kate’s posts unfold like a story and are beautiful.

Aside from her posts, she has thoughtfully organized the content for her readers with a Recipe Index and a Book Index. The perfect way to easily search for exactly what you want or need. I don’t know Kate personally, but I am so grateful for thoughtful efforts in The Little Library Café. This is a space that brightens my day. I can’t wait to discover more books and recipes through her careful style.

Fictitious Dishes by Dinah Fried

fictitious dishes by dinah fried

Photo by Dinah Fried

Love books? Check! Love food? Check! So what could be better than combining books and food? I often pour over the description of food and meals in literature, devouring every flavour and word, drifting away to experience each culinary delight. From basic bread and water to seven-course meals, it is a delicate skill that an author must flex in order to make readers salivate through foodie details, not everyone has this talent.

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A Darker Shade of Magic

a darker shade of magic

I didn’t have the easiest childhood. I suppose being a kid, then a teenager, is never really easy, but when you throw religion into the mix, well, things don’t seem to pan out in the same manner. There are just too many twists and turns to deal with. But childhood is a very long story for another day.

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The Happy Reader – The Perfect Magazine About Reading!

the happy reader

You know when you love something so much because it’s so perfect and fills you to the brim with such a satisfying sensation? Something that ticks all the right boxes, that is made with care and attention to detail? Well, this is the case of The Happy Reader.

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Modern Art Desserts

feeling lost

Ever felt totally lost? Complete darkness without a speckle of light? Not knowing whether your eyes are open or closed, which is a really eerie feeling. Slithering around, grasping for purchase, like something out of a Neil Gaiman novel.

That is exactly how I felt after the trip to Buenos Aires last year. I lost all sense of myself and the motivation for my projects. I was at a crossroads in the dark without a single signpost to guide me. Read more