Maderfackards – Greeting Cards That Bite

I’ve known Júlia Solans for a few years now, I’ve watched from a distance as she has grown into this curious woman that illustrates and conjures mad ideas out of thin air. She is one-of-a-kind, a person that pushes her limits, swims through her fears and manages to create magic throughout the entire process. I wish I had a minimum of her creative talent. I sent her some questions regarding her new project, Maderfackards, which she presented during Pecha Kucha Barcelona last year. She blew everyone away, the best PK talk I’ve ever seen. Check out this video if you want to see her in action.

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Somos Ambas – Beautiful Handcrafted Shirts Made in Barcelona

somos ambas at El Festivalet

I walked away empty-handed from the past edition of El Festivalet. Which is practically a miracle. But I wasn’t overjoyed that my money was safely intact. No, there was a searing pain burning through my heart, gnawing at my brain.

I don’t often achieve a hyper-state of WANT, WANT, WANT. It just doesn’t happen. I can’t find much of anything that dazzles me enough to ferret it home. Too much consumerism involved. But once in a while, a lightening bolt of desire strikes. The problem starts when the price tag is beyond my means.

This is exactly what occurred during El Festivalet. My eyes caught the sight of the most gorgeous textile prints I have ever seen. I swivelled to the left, swooned, started calculating how many I could buy, and then started to hyperventilate when I saw the price.

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Handmade Paper Zoetropes for Christmas

Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you don’t even have a TV, like me. In any case, just wanted to share the handmade paper zoetropes made by Cómodo Screen for TVE’s Christmas campaign. I work as copywriter and communication consultant for this broadcast design studio several mornings a week. I was actually involved with this project, cutting and gluing tiny bits of paper to create the zoetropes.

It was a really fun project and we’re really happy with the results. Check out the making of video below and see for yourselves!

Constructing Albert

constructing albert - a documentary

What would we find if we peeled open the brain of a master chef? I would like to think there would be a constant turmoil of chopped ingredients, whirling recipes and encyclopaedic flavours. But the truth is, we’d only reveal grey matter, just the same as everyone else. Where does inspiration and passion hide? Where is it contained? The intangible mind, heart and essence of a person are the secret hiding places, the areas that cannot be physically touched.

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