Book Covers

Book Covers

What makes you decide on a book? Recommendations? Goodreads or Amazon? You already love the author? Or are you not-so-secretly drawn to the mesmerising possibilities contained within a book by spotting the perfect book covers?

A book cover is the portal to the world that an author has created and as such, should be truly captivating. It should hint but not reveal too much. It should be magical, a magnetic attraction that burns into your retina. If you are a fan of books like me, then you know what I mean. I prominently display books with beautiful covers, using them as decorative elements around my home. My heart hitches when I catch sight of them, bits and pieces of the story contained within, tumble into my mind. Flashbacks of the best kind.

So indulge this passion of ours, The Academy of British Cover Design holds an annual awards competition to celebrate book covers in all their glory. If that’s not enough to satisfy your cravings then you can also dive into The Book Cover Archive, which is absolutely fascinating. And if that’s still not enough, go spend time at a bookstore, right now! I dare you to leave empty-handed.


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