a is for apples - alphabet imaginarium - vera ciria

A is for Apples – The Alphabet Imaginarium

A is for apples, so juicy and flavourful. So perfect and versatile. Refreshing on a warm summer day, a comforting and warm embrace baked in a crumble in winter. Popping with colour and vitality, keeping the doctor away, crunchy and crisp, an explosion of sensation for the tongue.

alphabet imaginarium - making of

The Alphabet Imaginarium – Sneak Peak

A lull in the madness. A much-needed calm. After months of working non-stop, 14 to 16 hours a day, client after client, juggling projects, realizing you have to pee, realizing four hours later that you still haven’t gone to pee and you’ve swallowed another litre of water. Rushing between meetings, answering phone calls, answering emails, […]

Vera Ciria - Digital Marketing and Creative project management, communication and styling.

Creative Project Management for Ainhoa Herrera

“Silence invades the room and I sink into an almost meditative state as the knitting needles quietly click, adding rows and rows of stitches. I found solace in knitting after a rough period in life and have never looked back.” This is how Ainhoa Herrera’s story begins and is the text I wrote as the intro […]

prop styling photo shoot

Prop Styling Photo Shoot for L’He Fet

Olga first contacted me to carry out the production of her spring / summer 2015 prop styling photo shoot. After the success of the photos, Olga contacted me once again to prepare the photo shoot and prop styling for her autumn / winter 2015-16 collection of L’He Fet hats.

vera ciria - food styling for albion food and events

Food Styling for Albion Food and Events

I have personally been a fan of Claire’s heavenly cooking for quite some time now, (she created not one but two cakes for my wedding that disappeared so fast I didn’t even get a chance to taste both!) It was a great honour to help Claire with the food styling for her Albion Food & […]