studying floristry online

Literally Turning Over a New Leaf

After years of constant computer companionship, endless hours of freelance work, loads of projects, companies and clients, a stream of endless demands, I was starting to feel burnt-out and empty. A constant void that filled me with dread, things were not good. It took me a while to sort things out but I managed in […]

the pull of nostalgia

The Pull of the Past

What do Stranger Things, the Classic Mini Nes, and 2017’s Beauty and the Beast have in common? Nostalgia, of course! Sweet, delicious, melancholy nostalgia; linked to memories, taste, smell, even touch. Nostalgia has been getting a bad rap recently. I don’t quite understand why. I find that companies have finally woken up to the fact […]

seo and computer programmers

SEO and Computer Programmers

Oil and water: two elements that don’t mix well. They don’t get along, and no matter how much you shake them, they always end up separating. This is the case with SEO and computer programmers. At least in my experience or maybe it’s just Spain? Surely this doesn’t happen elsewhere… How is it possible that such […]

la gomera

La Gomera – A Thousand Shades of Undisturbed Green

Tendrils of moss eerily sway in a non-existent breeze. A constant drip of moisture, rolling banks of cloud that create sudden blankets of fog, ruined bits of abandoned buildings that reach up to the sky. A strange and mysterious place, filled with silence and sudden changes of temperature. A relaxed atmosphere that is untouched by […]

weird wonderful magical

The Weird, Wonderful, Magical – Pluja of Links

Notice how the days are starting to slowly stretch? The light stays around longer. Everywhere you look, green things are pushing through, spring is most definitely on the way. We can’t complain though, this winter has been easy. So if you’re itching to get outside but can’t, take a moment to lose yourself in the […]

production for mobile event - producción para evento móvil

Event Production for Women in Mobile

For some reason, many people think that emotion and intuition have no place in the fast-paced environment of event production. I completely disagree. Time after time, it has been my intuition and a more emotional approach that has made the difference.

notice the details

Hear the Silence and Notice the Details

Stop for a moment. Put down your phone. What do you hear? What do you see? Can you smell anything? Do you even remember how?

crazy adventure of life

The Crazy Adventure of Life

Way back in summer 2016, I started to realize I needed a change. Well, to be honest, I had actually started to realize in summer 2015. But you know how we humans are. You continue along, make a few half-hearted efforts at feeble change, keep hitting your head against the same walls. Over and over […]

taking a summer break

Taking a Summer Break From Work

The heat is oppressive… Your appetite wains. You’re dreaming of autumn or an upcoming holiday escape. How much longer can this go on? No energy to do anything, let alone work. After non-stop activity, it’s finally time to take a break.

survive summer as a freelance

Tips to Survive Summer as a Freelance in Barcelona

 Non-stop activity during the year? Don’t go crazy in summer. It seems like we spend all year waiting for summer. But I have to admit that I find it highly overrated, especially in Barcelona. Every year I completely forget how much summer gets on my nerves. I know I’m not the only one! Let’s discuss some ideas to […]