Being an Intern at 37

intern at 37

I never expected to be an intern again. I truly thought that stage in my life was a thing of the past. I survived through two or three internships at communication agencies about 10 years ago and don’t have fond memories of the experiences.

When I decided to stop and evaluate the crazy adventure of life, my passion for nature, for flowers and plants, was consistently present, begging for attention. During the first half of 2017, I dedicated my free time to studying floristry online, moments snatched between client projects.

After finishing the course, it was time to face the facts: I needed to put everything I had learned into practice, on a daily basis. It was time for an internship. The choice was easy; I have been frequenting my neighbourhood floristry shop, Vilaplana, for almost 10 years. They have always been so kind, accommodating all my odd requests for events and photo shoots. The details were organised and the papers were signed. I was going to be an intern again.

intern at 37

As the start day drew near, doubts started to assail me. I work at home, in total silence, not having to deal with anyone. All of a sudden, I would be working with the same four people for six months. Not to mention dealing with the general public.

Would they be patient and share their knowledge, teaching me everything they know? Would I be able to deal with the chaos of an extremely busy shop? Would I feel comfortable receiving orders, following directions, instead of leading and being the person in charge of finding solutions?

With a knot in my stomach, I arrived at Vilaplana on my first day. I wish I could share some sort of struggle story with you but it’s just not the case. Everyone is so lovely, so eager to share and teach, I’ve been blown away. Right from the start, I was given a wide array of tasks to carry out, from sweeping the floors to creating huge bouquets.

The chaos doesn’t bother me, dealing with the public is actually pretty fun, and every day is completely different. I’ve even had the enormous pleasure and freaky experience of decorating the tomb of a gypsy family in the Montjuïc cemetery, one of the highlights of this year and possibly of my life.

intern at 37

Being an intern at 37 is so completely different from my previous experiences. I’m excited to be a part of Vilaplana and to work with the people that are teaching me. I’m eager to learn and am fully present. I find myself with boundless energy. Each day I am surrounded by infinite beauty: flowers, leaves, branches, and all manner of plants. The deep respect and love that I feel for nature makes this a truly unique experience. I can’t wait to discover and learn as much as possible. Being an intern at 37 is satisfying; there is a sense of enthusiasm and fulfilment, of purpose. And the whole taking orders issue? Not a problem, it feels like I’m on holidays! I don’t have to lead for once.

intern at 37

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